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Thainitshoei Co.,Ltd   

was founded in 6 Jun 2001. Capital stock 10,000,000.00 Bahts

          Mr.Samphan Nitchoe is entrepreneurship of the company and provides strategically sustaining guidance to the firm through with Markerting Mix and the Human capital team are highly skilled technical/managerial experts from both native and foreign to the integrity of the firm.It has a successful track record with client recognition in the manufacturing industry.

Certification : Quality System Manament of Products ; ISO9001:2015

          Our company is a manufacturer and distributor of a variety's industries such as Line assemby Automotive. Measuring devices with Strategic Business Unit 5 products / T01 Jig&Fixtures / T02 Die Making / T03 Machinery&Motion system / T04 Material Handling and T05 Component Parts The company. The plan is to use the experience and expertise to produce their own standards to serve as an alternative to customers.As well as the commitment to be a leader in the Products to customers's requirements. Under an agreement with the work instruction and policies of the company.And continuous quality's improvement.The focused on a group of our customers in the future. 


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